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Why Most People Want These Two Veins Removed!

Why Most People Want These Two Veins Removed!

Why Most People Want These Two Veins Removed!

Once you left your teenaged years behind, you probably thought you no longer had to worry with skin issues. But then a little thing called aging kicked in.

That’s why varicose and spider veins are the most common vein removal request we get. And it’s no wonder. They’re unsightly!

What causes these veins to runamuck? Generally, just life! Heredity, sun damage, trauma, medications, and even certain diseases cause spider veins on the face.

Occupations that require long hours standing can cause varicose veins. Pregnancy, obesity, and again, heredity, can also lead to this unsightly condition.

Fortunately, we treat both vein types!

For tiny veins that appear on your face, we use radio frequency diathermy. This long respected treatment uses electrical current to produce heat, which cauterizes tissue and blood vessels.

Once the vein is closed, blood has to take a different route. The cauterized vein then dries up and is re-absorbed by your body. The treatment is quick and highly efficient. Most small vein therapy only requires one or two treatments.

And the discomfort is so brief you hardly notice it.

For larger vein removal, we use a laser hand piece that works like the radio frequency treatment, but on a larger scale and with the same outcome. Most treatments take less than an hour and you’re on your way!

Technology has made incredible advances in recent years. Vein therapy no longer means invasive procedures to rid you of unsightly veins.

Highly effective, and cost effective, you owe it to yourself to talk to us about the vein therapy treatment that’s right for you.

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