Dream Spa Rituals

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All our spa rituals are suitable for singles, couples or groups

Zen Aroma
1 hour 45 mins - $265
Starting with 30 minutes in our infrared sauna and followed by a dry body brush to soften your skin. Then using essential oils, indulge in our full body aromatherapy massage to calm and soothe the body, feeling a sense of deep relaxation to uplift and revitalize, enabling the body to heal itself. - Sauna - Dry Body Brush - Aromatherapy Massage - Herbal Tea & Sweet Treat

Spa Ritual Package
1 hour 45 mins - $265
Enjoy a head, back, neck & shoulder massage by loosening the muscles where tension can build up easily. Followed by our deluxe facial which will leave your skin glowing, includes cleansing, exfoliation, facial massage and face mask and whilst that is setting, you will have a choice of either a scalp massage or hand pampering. - Head, Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage - Deluxe Facial - Choice of Scalp or Hand Pampering - Herbal Tea & Sweet Treat

Baby & Me (Pre-natal) Package
2 hours 15 mins - $350
Our Pre-natal massage focuses on the special needs of the mother-to-be as her body goes through the changes of pregnancy. A dry body brush will allow the circulation to flow more freely along with a natural and nurturing massage to soothe the nervous system and assist with cramps, aches, muscle spasms and carrying the extra weight. Along with a foot massage and relaxing facial to cleanse, tone and exfoliation, will leave you feeling pampered. - Foot Soak - Dry Body Brush - Pregnancy Massage - Deluxe Facial - Foot Pampering - Herbal Tea & Sweet Treat

Dream Bliss Body & Facial
2 hours - $295
Allow yourself to unwind with a full body massage designed to soothe one's soul and reduce stress along with a full body exfoliation using a scrub of your choice to cleanse and soothe. Our essential facial will keep your skin radiant and glowing. - Full Body Massage - Full Body Scrub - Essential Facial - Hand Pampering - Herbal Tea & Sweet Treat

Couple’s Paradise
2 hours 15 mins - $450
Treat yourself to a little romance and relaxation by spending some much needed quality time together in our detox sauna, clearing toxins from the body and then a blissful full body massage to balance, energise and rejuvenate, bringing relief to the mind and body. After receiving a hand and foot scrub, your skin will absorb moisturizer better and improve the health of your skin leaving it feeling soft and hydrated. - Sauna - Foot Soak - Full Body Massage - Hand Pampering - Foot Pampering - Herbal Tea & Sweet Treat

Ultimate Nourishing Spa
2 hours 30 mins - $395
You will be completely nourished from head to toe. Starting off with a dry body brush and then cocooned in a luscious body wrap whilst receiving an Indian head massage to completely unwind. A facial treatment along with a choice of hand or foot pamper will have you in complete blissfulness. - Dry Body Brush - Body Wrap - Indian Head Massage - Deluxe Facial - Choice of Hand or Foot Pamper - Herbal Tea & Sweet Treat

Wellness Harmony
4 hours 30 mins - $475
The perfect way to embark on your journey, experience this body ritual using unique and powerful massage techniques developed from around the world. After warming up in our infrared sauna, you will receive a dry body brush which will smooth and cleanse your skin. Continuing the warmth, your body will unwind and relax as it is ready for a complete transformation with our signature massage and hot stones. This is followed by a facial treatment with a choice of a scalp or foot massage and finishing off with our spa pedicure. To end this transformational journey, we will serve you high tea in our relaxation area. - Dry Body Brush - Hot Stone Full Body Massage - Deluxe Facial - Choice of Scalp or Foot Massage - Deluxe Pedicure - High Tea

Enchanted Escape
5 hours 30 mins - $595
A half-day spa ritual that will allow you to escape from all the chaos of day to day life. Starting off with a full body aromatherapy massage calming your mind, body & spirit, as you embark on this enchanted journey of healing. The therapist will allow you to select a choice of aromatherapy oils to incorporate into a resurfacing scrub for a full body exfoliation, providing silky smooth skin. This will follow with our deluxe facial treatment designed for your individual skin, leaving it hydrated, nourished and brightened. Last but not least, the ultimate treatment for your hands and feet, our deluxe pedicure and manicure will restore hydration, providing a soft finish. At the end of your treatment, relax and enjoy a high tea in our relaxation area. - Sauna - Foot Soak - Full Body Aromatherapy Massage - Full Body Scrub - Deluxe Facial - Scalp Massage - Deluxe Manicure - Deluxe Pedicure - High Tea

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