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Intense Pulsed Light and Super Hair Reduction Technologies. Our skilled therapists will initially carry out a test patch to advise you the best course of action for your individual needs

For the best result, a course of treatments is necessary and again our therapists will advise you. We offer a discount for pre-booked and pre-paid treatments, for instance, for a course of six treatments you can pay for five and get the sixth free of charge.

Extended bikini 15 mins $100
Brazilian 15 mins $150
Underarms 15 mins $80
Brazilian + underarms 30 mins $200
Half leg 15 mins $200
Full leg 30 mins $300
Half arm 15 mins $180
Full arm 30 mins $230
Full back 30 mins $250
Lip 15 mins $45
Chin 15 mins $45
Lip + Chin 15 mins $80
Full face 30 mins $170
Side of face 15 mins $65
Neck 15 mins $45
Chest 15 mins $120
Stomach 15 mins $140
Chest + Stomach 30 mins $230
Stomach line 15 mins $45
Shoulders 15 mins $90
Wildflower Microdermabrasion
1 hour - $150
Our diamond tips will deeply exfoliate your skins and help improve skin rejuvenation for removal of rough skin, toxins, pigmentation, acne scars and aging. This session also includes a lush face mask with a neck, shoulder d├ęcolletage massage.

Hydrodermabrasion Facial
1 hour - $180
Using the latest technology to support, renew and protect your skin, where we use Hydrodermabrasion to leave you with amazing results.

LED Light Therapy Facial
45 mins - $145
LED light therapy works on human tissue at a cellular level transferring energy deep into the cell structure of the skin. This treatment will help treat acne breakout, fine lines and wrinkles, scarring and also reducing both redness and inflammation. (Add on to Facial Treatment 20 mins - $ 75)

Infrared Sauna
30 mins - $40 or 45 mins - $50
Infrared sauna uses infrared rays to heat the air. For many people this is a more comfortable experience than a traditional sauna. The rays safely penetrate the body, raising the temperature causing you to sweat. This eliminates toxins from the body, strengthens the immune system and helps with muscle and joint pains. Our Special: receive 40% off when combined with any full price treatment. Courses of 6 are available (Paid and booked in advance) 6 x 30 mins = $180 6 x 45 mins = $240 Please call 9301 2269. Not bookable online

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